Shrine Store

Shrine Store

Flashback to the Shrine store on Melrose 1994 – 2014.

Hello Shrine customers and friends,
We’ve been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to visit our store on Melrose so I just thought I would give you all an update.
We first opened our store on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood in 1994. The store operated for twenty years until we closed it in December 2014.

It was amazing having a store on Melrose and meeting so many great customers and celebrities over the years.
Here is a short list of some cool folks that dropped into our store during that time:
Alice Cooper, James Brown, Prince, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Val Kilmer, Benicio Del Toro, Blondie, Kool and the Gang, Steven Tyler, Elijah Wood, Shaquille O’Neal,
Rick James, Drew Barrymore, Ice-T, Terri Nunn, Rob Zombie, Queen Latifah, Bootsy Collins, Flea, Dave Navarro, Wayne Static, etc. etc. etc…..

We closed the store in 2014 because we wanted to focus more on creating new designs and selling our line through other retail stores in the US, Canada,
and Europe as well as building our online business.

We still sell our line in Hollywood through the store Typhoon on Melrose and through RockTown on Hollywood Blvd.
Our warehouse is in downtown LA and we allow customers to make appointments to try on and buy our clothing there also.
Email us to make an appointment at



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